Easy to use video

Simply know when and where an activity
started and ended.

Truly smart surveillance

Faceter is a system that makes video surveillance smart, changing cameras from just seeing to thinking – face recognition, object detection and real-time video content analysis.

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Faceter is using Computer Vision to understand
everything that happens on your cameras.

years of experience in AI
and computer vision.


accuracy proven by
independent testing

Smart alerts

Get alerts that matter. Advanced algorithms pick out the activity you care about.

“Flexible” alerts

Be aware of a certain or unknown person visit or about any visit in a period of time.

Activity zones

Organize your cameras in zones and configure special rules for them.

Fast notifications

Receive emails or Push notifications regarding any alert triggered.

Convenient video archive

Track each case of a particular person appearing in a certain place and easily pull up those specific records from your archive.

Powerful apps for intelligent surveillance

Applications for any computer or mobile device, allow users to access video surveillance systems from anywhere and without having to master complex and slow interfaces.

Workforce attendance reporting and analytics

Collection of attendance data with Faceter allows you to make weighted managerial decisions and perform strategic planning. Flexible and customizable reporting system will help to understand your labor needs, vacation trends and have an audit trail for regulatory compliance.

  • Identify and eliminate time card fraud
  • Monitor employee attendance
  • Compare work hours, overtimes and employee costs
  • Time allocation breakdown
  • Get an accurate view of employment costs
  • Export reports to Excel and PDF

Secure your home

Owing to a variety of the offered Applications, home video surveillance becomes handy and easy to use for anyone who owns smartphone. Faceter is a user friendly interface that can connect to existing CCTV infrastructure. Users have the flexibility to add just the cameras they want or all of them with simple step by step instructions and online support. Our open API, digital smart AI solution allows smart homes to connect their technology as well. User friendly installation process, customisable notifications and alert triggers, enable new level of home security & surveillance.

  • Identify and alert when family/children come home with push notifications. Monitor your children’s attendance and friends without pressure
  • Alert on new/unfamiliar faces on premises
  • Easily track domestic movements
  • Smart home ready for backend integrations
  • Get analytics on your own timing

Study your customer behaviour in retail

Thanks to the high-level facial recognition technology (confirmed by LFW and MegaFace tests), Faceter can generate a report indicating who and when was filmed by cameras; track each case of a particular person appearing in a certain place and issue specific records from the archive.

  • Get visualized attendance data
  • Find out the number of unique visitors in a period
  • Measure customer retention rate
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Know the number of visitors inside at any specific moment
We have completed a proof of concept on Faceter for exactly these purposes and were very satisfied by the quality and level of technology displayed.
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Enterprise scale readyness

On-premise solution Consumer trust is our priority that is why we offer on-premise solution giving our customers an opportunity to fully control their sensitive data.

Open-source Avoid unwelcome surprises that may come with unforeseen limitations of proprietary code and be sure in reliability and security of transparent Faceter code.

Flexible API Benefit from integrating Faceter with your existing information systems to solve your special business cases and add more value to your investment in facial recognition technology.

“Google revolutionized the Internet 20 years ago. Faceter does the same now to make video data meaningful”

Ken Huang, ex. Chief Blockchain Expert at Huawei Technologies, VP

Fog computing and miners

Faceter token is a fuel for FOG computing

The token is the core of the decentralized network, both as a Proof of Recognition and a flexible, transparent, closed-loop cross-border settlement mechanism for all participants.

Ask: 0.000022 ETH Bid: 0.000021 ETH

0.000022 ETH

Decentralized approach

Decentralized infrastructure where complex computational tasks are performed using the power of Fog Computing and Blockchain, allows us to get the low cost of computations, making them affordable for small businesses and mass consumers.

On-premise solution

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Cloud-based Faceter

In development

Decentralized Faceter

Coming soon

If you are ready to share your GPU power in return of Faceter Tokens leave your request.